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Public Information Statement

Statement as of 6:55 AM EDT on April 28, 2015

... Severe weather preparedness week continues...

The National Weather Service Caribou, Maine has declared April 26th
through may 2nd as severe weather preparedness week. Each day during
the preparedness week will feature information about a different
severe weather related topic.

New England will quickly transition from early Spring weather to
more Summer like weather patterns over the next several weeks.
Along with the warmer weather comes an increasing threat of
thunderstorms, and with it comes the threat for severe weather. Are
you prepared for severe weather? Do you know where and how to
receive forecasts? Do you know how to receive warnings and watches
for severe weather? Do you know what to do during and after severe
weather impacts you?

... Be aware...
knowing when severe weather is possible will give you
time to prepare! You can always find the latest forecasts and
hazardous weather conditions at www.Weather.Gov/car. If you are not
on your computer, you can access the same information via your
Mobile device at http://Mobile.Weather.Gov. In addition numerous
weather applications will relay this information on your Mobile
devices. Make sure that you can receive National Weather Service
watches and warnings on these applications before severe weather

Wireless emergency alerts are life saving messages that will pop up
on your Mobile phone when you are in a geographic area that is under
a Flash Flood Warning or Tornado Warning. Visit
www.Weather.Gov/wirelessalerts for more information! Another tool to
alert you to hazardous conditions is NOAA all hazards radio. This
nationwide network of radio stations broadcasts continuous weather,
river and other emergency information direct from NWS offices and
emergency officials. For more information, visit


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