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Kentucky, Johnson

Flash Flood Warning

Statement as of 3:18 PM EDT on May 02, 2016

Expires 7:15 PM EDT on May 02, 2016

... The Flash Flood Warning remains in effect until 715 PM EDT for
northeastern Clay... northwestern Knott... Martin... Johnson...
northwestern Perry... northwestern Pike... Owsley... Magoffin...
Breathitt and northern Floyd counties...

At 311 PM EDT... Doppler radar indicated thunderstorms producing very
heavy rain continuing to move across the warned area. Doppler radar
has indicated that portions of the warned area have received between
1 and 2 inches of rain between 2 and 3 PM. Up to an additional inch
of rain is expected to fall across the area between 3:30 and 5 PM.
Excessive runoff will cause flash flooding of creeks and streams,
roads, and roadside culverts.

Some locations that will experience flooding include...
Paintsville... Prestonsburg... Inez... Booneville... Mason... Martin...
Allen... BUckhorn... Ned... Evanston... Alphoretta... Howard creek and

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

Turn around... don't drown when encountering flooded roads. Most flood
deaths occur in vehicles.

A Flash Flood Warning means that flooding is imminent or occurring.
If you are in the warned area move to higher ground immediately.
Residents living along streams and creeks should take immediate
precautions to protect life and property.

Lat... Lon 3732 8325 3728 8335 3731 8342 3724 8352
      3723 8352 3716 8371 3743 8382 3752 8363
      3750 8358 3756 8356 3768 8326 3771 8325
      3794 8277 3788 8261 3795 8258 3796 8253
      3788 8242 3781 8240 3776 8231


Flash Flood Watch

Statement as of 10:54 AM EDT on May 02, 2016

Expires 11:00 AM EDT on May 03, 2016

... Flash Flood Watch remains in effect through Tuesday morning...

The Flash Flood Watch continues for

* portions of east central Kentucky... northeast Kentucky... south
central Kentucky and southeast Kentucky... including the
following areas... in east central Kentucky... Elliott. In
northeast Kentucky... Johnson and Martin. In south central
Kentucky... Laurel... McCreary and Whitley. In southeast
Kentucky... Bell... Breathitt... Clay... Floyd... Harlan... Knott...
Knox... Lee... Leslie... Letcher... Magoffin... Morgan... Owsley...
Perry... Pike and Wolfe.

* Through Tuesday morning

* another round of showers and thunderstorms with the potential to
produce excessive rainfall is expected across eastern Kentucky
this afternoon through the evening. Some rainfall could linger
in southeast Kentucky into Tuesday morning. Rainfall amounts of
1 to 2 inches are likely... with locally higher amounts. With the
ground already very saturated and creeks and streams running
high... this additional rainfall could quickly lead to more flash

* Roads could become blocked or washed out by flash flooding. If
you encounter a flooded Road... be sure to turn around... don't
drown. Houses and businesses in the vicinity of creeks...
streams... and rivers could also be affected by flooding.
Continue to monitor forecasts and any warnings today as
conditions could deteriorate very quickly.

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

A Flash Flood Watch means that conditions may develop that lead
to flash flooding. Flash flooding is a very dangerous situation.

You should monitor later forecasts and be prepared to take action
should flash flood warnings be issued.


Record Report

Statement as of 6:44 AM EDT on May 02, 2016

... Record daily maximum rainfall set at Jackson KY...

A record rainfall of 2.08 inches was set at Jackson KY yesterday.
This breaks the old record of 1.02 inches set in 2010. Climate
records at the Jackson weather office date back to 1981.

Local Storm Report

05/01/2016 0430 PM

3 miles S of Paintsville, Johnson County.

Thunderstorm wind damage, reported by 911 call center.

            Tree down on KY 1750 at East Point.

05/01/2016 0430 PM

3 miles S of Paintsville, Johnson County.

Thunderstorm wind damage, reported by 911 call center.

            Tree down on KY 1750 at East Point.

05/01/2016 0706 PM

Oil Springs, Johnson County.

Hail m0.25 inch, reported by trained spotter.

05/01/2016 0706 PM

Oil Springs, Johnson County.

Hail m0.25 inch, reported by trained spotter.

Public Information Statement

Statement as of 11:44 AM EDT on May 02, 2016

... Weekend rainfall summary...

Clusters of showers and thunderstorms brought excessive rainfall
to parts of eastern Kentucky over the weekend. Some of the heaviest
rain fell in parts of Perry, Breathitt, Magoffin, Floyd and Martin
counties where several reports of flooding were received by the
National Weather Service in Jackson Sunday morning.

Below is a County by County listing of rainfall reports from human
observers and automated rain gauges for the 48 hour period ending
around 8 am EDT Monday may 2nd.

ID station name lat/Lon pcpn

... Bath County gauges...
prstky Owingsville 4s38.09n/83.76w1.04
olsk2 Olympia Springs iflows38.06n/83.64w0.96
plok2 Peeled Oak iflows38.06n/83.80w1.16
rnvk2 Reynoldsville IFLOWS 38.19n/83.82w0.84

... Bell County gauges...
1a6 Middlesboro AWOS 36.62n/83.74w0.62
yelk2 Yellow Creek raws36.60n/83.70w0.85
mdlk2 Meldrum stream gauge36.67n/83.69w0.77
pvlk2 Pineville river gauge36.76n/83.69w2.27
arjk2 Arjay IFLOWS 36.81n/83.65w2.29
mnmk2 Mingo Mountain iflows36.74n/83.69w1.72
ylck2 Yellow Creek IFLOWS 36.67n/83.69w0.48

... Breathitt County gauges...
kybe01 Talbert 1.9ese37.41n/83.43w3.81
qksdky Jackson 3se 37.54n/83.34w2.56
jkl Jackson ASOS 37.60n/83.32w2.96
jcak2 Jackson apt RAWS 37.59n/83.32w2.94
jknk2 Jackson river gauge37.55n/83.39w2.63
sglk2 sugar lump branch iflows37.57n/83.19w2.48
twhk2 Town Hill IFLOWS 37.55n/83.39w2.57

... Clay County gauges...
chtk2 Peabody 37.14n/83.58w1.39
mchk2 Manchester 37.15n/83.76w2.19
mhrk2 Manchester IFLOWS 37.16n/83.76w2.43

... Elliott County gauges...
gimk2 Gimlet 9n 38.22n/83.13w1.54
sdhk2 Sandy Hook 38.10n/83.12w2.20
drtk2 doctor tower IFLOWS 38.08n/83.21w2.30

... Estill County gauges...
csyk2 Cressy 37.83n/84.04w1.08
chsk2 Chestnut stand iflows37.73n/83.94w1.24

... Fleming County gauges...
srkk2 Sharkey 38.25n/83.57w1.17
bhbk2 Beechburg iflows38.45n/83.65w0.40
fmbk2 Flemingsburg IFLOWS 38.43n/83.75w0.40

... Floyd County gauges...
pelk2 prestonsbug 3wsw37.64n/82.82w2.87
dwyk2 Dewey Lake 37.74n/82.73w3.72
pstk2 Prestonsburg 37.67n/82.78w2.78
prck2 price 37.40n/82.72w1.93
grtk2 Garrett iflows37.48n/82.83w2.25
dvdk2 David IFLOWS 37.61n/82.87w3.39
rbrk2 right Beaver IFLOWS 37.53n/82.79w2.49

... Harlan County gauges...
hrok2 Harlan 3n 36.88n/83.31w2.66
bmtnky Harlan 24e 36.92n/82.91w1.62
cmbk2 Cumberland 36.97n/82.99w1.29
lylk2 lloyal 36.85n/83.35w2.71
ncfk2 new Clover fork36.85n/83.33w1.59
mflk2 Martins Fork lake36.75n/83.25w0.99
cclk2 Cranks Creek Lake 36.73n/83.23w0.91
clsk2 Clover street iflows36.85n/83.32w1.35
bgbk2 Big Black IFLOWS 36.92n/82.90w1.87
evrk2 Evarts iflows36.86n/83.20w3.15
cbrk2 Cumberland IFLOWS 36.97n/82.99w3.48
myhk2 Grays Knob iflows36.79n/83.29w1.08
mfik2 Martins Fork lake iflows36.73n/83.26w1.04
ptyk2 Putney IFLOWS 36.91n/83.20w1.24

... Jackson County gauges...
cavk2 Clover bottom37.49n/84.17w1.66
olinky McKee 5s 37.36n/83.97w2.22
grhk2 Gray Hawk 37.40n/83.95w2.19
mkek2 McKee IFLOWS 37.42n/83.97w1.60
pdlk2 pond lick iflows37.33n/83.99w2.55

... Johnson County gauges...
pnvk2 Paintsville 1e37.82n/82.78w1.84
btckky Paintsville 4w37.83n/82.88w2.01
pntk2 Paintsville lake37.84n/82.87w1.77
fgpk2 Flatgap IFLOWS 37.95n/82.88w1.64
lybk2 Lindy branch iflows37.88n/82.78w1.68
ptdk2 Staffordsville iflows37.84n/82.87w1.88

... Knott County gauges...
cflk2 Carr Creek lake coop37.23n/83.03w1.19
vestky Hindman 5n 37.41n/82.99w2.02
cflk2 Carr Creek lake dam37.23n/83.03w1.21
bdbk2 Hindman iflows37.33n/82.98w1.84
knkk2 Pippa Passes iflows37.34n/82.88w1.59

... Knox County gauges...
bmblky Barbourville 3e36.87n/83.83w1.62
bbvk2 Barbourville river gauge36.86n/83.89w1.19
artk2 Artemus IFLOWS 36.83n/83.83w1.94
hcbk2 DeWitt iflows36.88n/83.74w2.10
htbk2 Helton branch iflows36.88n/83.94w1.20
kxkk2 Johnson Hollow iflows36.93n/83.94w1.23
pgfk2 pidgeon Fork iflows36.92n/83.65w2.00

... Laurel County gauges...
cbnk2 Corbin dam 36.97n/84.12w2.41
busk2 Hale IFLOWS 37.09n/83.87w1.87
ebsk2 Laurel co. Fire Dept 37.19n/84.12w2.32
nlrk2 Money Road IFLOWS 37.11n/83.98w2.75

... Lee County gauges...
hldk2 Heidelberg 37.55n/83.77w1.45
tllk2 Tallega 37.55n/83.60w1.97
bttk2 Beattyville iflows37.56n/83.69w1.68
lcok2 Leeco IFLOWS 37.71n/83.70w1.31

... Leslie County gauges...
smik2 Smilax 37.11n/83.28w1.60
hydk2 Hyden 37.14n/83.37w0.72
lcdk2 Lucinda IFLOWS 37.14n/83.48w1.34
wbrk2 Wilder branch iflows37.27n/83.40w2.14

... Letcher County gauges...
whbk2 Whitesburg 2se37.10n/82.80w1.78
sklk2 Skyline 37.07n/82.97w1.85
wtbgky Whitesburg 2nw37.13n/82.84w1.59
whtk2 Whitesburg river gauge37.12n/82.82w1.50
wbak2 Whitesburg EOC iflows37.13n/82.78w1.20
kdck2 kingdom come S.P. Iflows37.00n/82.98w1.16

... Magoffin County gauges...

... Martin County gauges...
inek2 Inez 2e 37.87n/82.52w2.73
bsak2 Big Sandy apt37.75n/82.63w3.04
bsyk2 Big Sandy apt iflows37.75n/82.64w3.13

... McCreary County gauges...
wcyk2 Whitley City iflows36.73n/84.47w1.50

... Menifee County gauges...
stqk2 stone Quarry IFLOWS 37.99n/83.62w1.32

... Montgomery County gauges...
mtsk2 Mount Sterling 5n38.06n/83.93w0.34
kymm03 Mount Sterling 2.4w38.07n/83.99w0.44
jdyk2 Judy IFLOWS 38.13n/83.96w0.60
mstk2 Mt. Sterling iflows38.06n/83.96w1.47
prtk2 Pruitt Road iflows38.03n/84.01w1.36
stwk2 Salt Well iflows38.09n/83.91w1.27
shck2 Shedd creek IFLOWS 38.05n/83.89w1.08

... Morgan County gauges...
ezlk2 Ezel 37.83n/83.47w1.59
wlbtky West Liberty 2sw37.90n/83.27w1.62
grkk2 Grassy Creek iflows37.85n/83.35w1.52
mytk2 Maytown iflows37.85n/83.47w1.24
wlpk2 Wolfpen IFLOWS 38.07n/83.29w0.72

... Owsley County gauges...
icyk2 Island City 37.36n/83.77w2.83
bnvlky Booneville 2s37.45n/83.69w2.45
book2 Booneville 37.48n/83.68w2.61
bonk2 Cow Creek iflows37.43n/83.61w2.61
owkk2 Indian Creek IFLOWS 37.38n/83.58w2.73

... Perry County gauges...
buck2 BUckhorn Lake coop 37.33n/83.47w3.53
hazk2 hazard water plant37.25n/83.18w1.35
kypr04 Viper 0.5n 37.19n/83.15w1.28
kypr05 hazard 1.7nw 37.27n/83.21w1.66
buck2 BUckhorn Lake dam37.33n/83.47w3.62
hazk2 hazard river gauge 37.25n/83.18w1.24
bffk2 Buffalo IFLOWS 37.19n/83.19w1.23
hzak2 hazard iflows37.25n/83.17w1.47
rkhk2 Rockhouse iflows37.39n/83.27w3.52

... Pike County gauges...
dortky Pikeville 13s37.28n/82.52w1.13
pkyk2 Pikeville 37.46n/82.53w1.35
mtgk2 Meta 37.57n/82.47w1.98
ftlk2 Fishtrap lake37.43n/82.42w1.41
vrgk2 Virgie 37.33n/82.58w1.50
elkk2 Elkhorn City 37.30n/82.34w2.38
pcrk2 Pond Creek iflows37.58n/82.27w2.17
myrk2 Myra IFLOWS 37.30n/82.61w2.17
plpk2 Phelps IFLOWS 37.51n/82.15w2.10
virk2 Virgie iflows37.34n/82.59w2.11
befk2 Beefhide iflows37.25n/82.62w2.18
dkbk2 Dicks Knob iflows37.50n/82.23w0.88
erhk2 East Ridge school iflows37.36n/82.31w1.91
ftmk2 Flatwoods IFLOWS 37.28n/82.52w2.11
gulk2 Gulnare iflows37.63n/82.54w3.00
jhpk2 Johns Peak iflows37.47n/82.54w0.76
lgfk2 Longfork iflows37.30n/82.67w1.66
rack2 Raccoon iflows37.49n/82.44w1.31
sidk2 Sidney iflows37.62n/82.35w2.73

... Powell County gauges...
stak2 Stanton 2w 37.86n/83.90w1.70
cyck2 Clay City river gauge37.86n/83.93w1.44
mrmk2 Clay City iflows37.85n/83.92w1.16
funk2 furnace iflows37.76n/83.84w1.64
hhrk2 Middlefork fire iflows37.83n/83.74w0.88
mclk2 Natural Bridge iflows37.77n/83.67w1.84
cnck2 Stanton fire IFLOWS 37.85n/83.86w1.44

... Pulaski County gauges...
sstk2 Somerset stream gauge37.12n/84.62w1.48
somk2 Somerset apt RAWS 37.06n/84.61w1.84
scik2 Science Hill IFLOWS 37.18n/84.63w1.24

... Rockcastle County gauges...
mtvk2 Mount Vernon 37.35n/84.33w1.34
kyrc02 Brodhead 7.3ssw 37.30n/84.46w1.04
bhdk2 Brodhead school iflows37.40n/84.42w2.03
phck2 Climax fire IFLOWS 37.46n/84.23w1.59
livk2 Livingston iflows37.30n/84.22w0.84

... Rowan County gauges...
mrdk2 Morehead 38.18n/83.47w1.58
crlk2 Cave Run Lake coop38.12n/83.53w1.72
kyrw03 Morehead 6.4ne38.24n/83.34w1.70
mrhdky Morehead 4ne 38.22n/83.48w1.59
trmk2 Triangle Mountain 38.17n/83.41w1.43
frmk2 cave run farmers38.14n/83.56w1.68
crlk2 Cave Run Lake dam38.12n/83.53w1.79
bkbk2 Buckner branch iflows38.35n/83.40w1.00
trtk2 Triangle tower iflows38.18n/83.40w1.43
fxhk2 Fox Hollow iflows38.23n/83.53w1.88
nftk2 Morehead fire iflows38.20n/83.48w1.51

... Wayne County gauges...
kywy01 Monticello 9.1w36.82n/85.01w1.28
ekq Monticello awos36.86n/84.86w1.48
mtck2 Monticello 3ne36.87n/84.83w1.54
bllk2 Bell IFLOWS 36.87n/84.92w1.74
codk2 Corder iflows36.89n/84.83w2.07
pack2 Patton creek iflows36.66n/84.82w1.42

... Whitley County gauges...
wwpk2 Williamsburg 1nw36.74n/84.18w1.95
kywh05 Corbin 7.3sw 36.87n/84.21w1.11
wlbk2 Williamsburg river gauge36.74n/84.16w1.73
cork2 Corbin 36.95n/84.10w2.49
sxtk2 Saxton 36.63n/84.11w1.67
rldk2 rockhold iflows36.83n/84.12w1.19
sxnk2 Saxton iflows36.63n/84.11w1.57

... Wolfe County gauges...
kywl02 Pine Ridge 0.5ene37.77n/83.61w2.58
cesk2 Campton school iflows37.73n/83.54w1.40
rrvk2 Red River school iflow37.80n/83.40w2.03
resk2 Rogers school iflows37.74n/83.64w1.36
stlk2 Stillwater iflows37.77n/83.49w1.12

Observations are collected from a variety of sources with varying
equipment and exposure. Not all data listed are considered official.

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