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Statement as of 2:59 AM MDT on March 28, 2015

... Today in Metro Denver weather history...

27-28 in 1951... heavy snowfall totaled 6.5 inches at Stapleton
        Airport where north winds gusted to 38 mph on the 27th
        and 41 mph on the 28th.
      In 1972... heavy snowfall of 6.2 inches was measured at
        Stapleton International Airport... where northeast winds
        gusted to only 21 mph.
      In 1980... a major blizzard struck the northeastern Colorado
        plains... closing both I-70 and I-76 to the east of Denver for
        a time. Some areas received 1 to 2 feet of snow. Drifts
        were 4 to 8 feet high. The storm killed many Young
        livestock. At Stapleton International Airport... snowfall
        totaled 6.7 inches from the storm and north winds gusted
        to 29 mph.
      In 2002... high winds developed in the foothills west of Metro
        Denver. Winds gusted to 81 mph near Fritz Peak... 72 mph at
        Rollinsville... and 70 mph at Blackhawk. West winds gusted
        to 51 mph on the 27th and to 45 mph on the 28th at Denver
        International Airport where the temperature warmed to a
        high of 69 degrees on the 28th.
27-29 in 1948... high winds raked Boulder. A wind gust to 75 mph was
        recorded at Valmont. Sustained winds in excess of 35 mph
        were estimated in Boulder. Minor damage was reported.
      In 1961... heavy snowfall totaled 9.5 inches at Stapleton
        Airport over the 3 day period. Most of the snow... 5.3
        inches... fell on the 28th. Winds were generally light
        and gusted to only 22 mph from the north.
28 in 1886... the lowest recorded temperature in March... 11 degrees
        below zero... occurred.
      In 1911... a thunderstorm produced snowfall of 0.4 inch... which
        was the only measurable snowfall of the month... making the
        month the second least snowiest March on record.
      In 1962... a vigorous cold front produced strong winds across
        eastern Colorado. North winds gusted to 46 mph at
        Stapleton Airport where visibility was briefly reduced
        to 3/4 mile in blowing dust. A construction worker was
        injured in Aurora when he was struck by a wind blown
        piece of plywood.
28-29 in 1891... rain changed to snow and totaled 9.7 inches in the
        city. Northeast winds were sustained to 12 mph with gusts
        to 28 mph on the 28th.
      In 1910... a strong cold front brought much wind... rain... and
        and snow to the city. Rain on the 28th changed to snow
        early on the 29th. Snowfall totaled only 2.8 inches... but
        north winds were sustained to 50 mph on the 29th.
        Precipitation from the storm totaled 0.96 inch.
      In 1994... moist upslope winds combined with an upper level
        system to dump 5 to 7 inches of snow along the eastern
        foothills and across Metro Denver. Snowfall totaled
        6.3 inches at Stapleton International Airport where
        northeast winds gusted to 39 mph. Thirteen inches of
        new snow were measured at the Eldora ski area west of
28-30 in 1949... a major winter storm dumped 11.3 inches of snow over
        downtown Denver. Snowfall totaled 10.4 inches at Stapleton
        Airport. North to northeast winds were sustained to 17 mph.
      In 1985... a slow moving snow storm moved across the state.
        Denver received only 4.0 inches of snowfall with amounts in
        the foothills totaling 1 to 2 feet. Still... this was enough
        snow in Denver to cause flight delays of up to 6 hours at
        Stapleton International Airport on the night of the 29th.
        East winds gusted to 28 mph on the 28th.

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